Thursday 26 July 2012

Coach Ferg 3.0

14 July 2012

 This is the soft launch of my new website, an overview of my coaching services and through this blog an opportunity to stay up to date with everything that is happening. I have wiped the old blog as I consider myself progressive and always moving forward. I will still keep all the lessons learned in mind though. A person who forgets their history is doomed to repeat the mistakes.

Version 1.0 was the 21 year old Hamish who had to give up racing when pain in his knees got too bad. Within months I was coaching and the 3rd person I started working with was Brian Fowler and 4th Ewan MacMaster. In 1994 they went 1-2 at NZ Elite Road Nationals and I was on the fast track. I coached NZ teams while studying towards a Psychology Degree and then a Diploma in Sports Studies. By 2000 I had grown sick of the politics in cycling and decided to pursue other opportunities.

Version 2.0 came in 2005 when I walked away from a successful but emotionally crippling security business and started coaching again this time working exclusively with Junior cyclists. This was combined with working and was still a reflection of my passion for cycle racing and my interest in the technical and sport science side of the sport.

In 2012 my stable included many NZ Champions and now a several Elite and Masters riders. The Masters riders love the technical aspects of my coaching but many were business professionals and have volunteered their support to help me become a full time professional coach.

This was where CoachFerg 3.0 has evolved from where I lift my professional game to match my technical level as a coach. Check out the various coaching packages. I have been trialing the process with riders over the last few months and the results have been very encouraging. But this is only the start. Exciting times are ahead.


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