Sunday, 31 March 2013

TA Tour Coaching Process

Looking at the performances at TA Tour I am very satisfied with the Coaching Process we used going into this event. Two years ago when preparing riders (inc Max Beckert) for the Tour of Canberra we did lots of group efforts. Last year we included group efforts but they had less structure and people just a rep target rather than a target for each individual effort.

This year I made each rep a target (as I did on track for each effort for Olivia Podmore and Sam Buckner and others whose times improved out of sight) by running the reps as a small handicap race. From the riders with Power meters I could see the progress they were making and if they were going backwards that they needed a break or some easy days. Riders with Garmins also provided useful data with their times on a set course.

Two years ago at a High Performance Coaching course run by BikeNZ we learnt about Coach Led Racing and I feel the structure of the efforts embodies those principles whether it is in a training session, structuring a track racing session/season or advising riders how to race as I gave the crew very specific instructions on how to attack, when to attack and depending on where they were in the race how hard to attack.

The other useful input was the racing. Last year I felt the Tour of Canterbury was a pivotal event in the build up to TA and this year it proved again that this race gave riders an advantage in their build up. Even if it comes right after Age Group and Omnium Track Nationals it is an important event to race.

Most important is the riders who went to TA were very focused and collaborated with me. For many like Maddi and Alice (who made the biggest improvements in performance from 2012 who were in contact almost daily refining their riding and preparation for the race. Reminds me of 1995 when I was preparing Ewan MacMaster for his 3 month build up to World Champs in Colombia and we would be on the phone (no text, skype or Internet Cafes back then) up to 3 times a day.

Well done team!

Max Beckert sprints to win stage three!

Sarah working hard on her climbing

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