Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Manifesto!


Who do you want to be in 2013. The person who wins the race, breaks the National record, becomes World Champion, lowers their time for LeRace, gets invited on to the squad or team, loses 5kg! Decide now, write it down, think big, small goal are not a stimulus for action!


 Because who we are is what we repeatedly do! I assume your goals above have deep and personal meaning to you. Only set goals if they will help you to focus and engage properly.


By focusing on the NOW! 2012 is over. 5 Oceania Titles, 16 NZ Titles, and countless South Island and Canterbury Titles has been reset to 0,0,0 and 0. You must do the same. If things didn't happen for you in 2012 you still do the same. NOW is January so you focus on January, Today is the 2nd so you focus on the second. If you don't do today right you will be behind the eight ball for tomorrow anyway.


By racing with the appropriate focus and right level of engagement. Only start if you are there to improve your performances. Be a race maker, have a plan and embrace the complexity of racing. You can always learn more but when the race starts you have to work with what you have. Analysis after the race is no good, use the pre-briefs to programme yourself for success!



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